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Private Coaching

With Eli Buren

"Eli Buren is an exceptional teacher and an even better man.  I sought him out to help me thrive rather than just survive in this existence and his impact has been transformational.  Eli is skilled and experienced in various traditions and practices that he conveys with candor and kindness.  However, it is his deep presence that is the most admirable and effective.  As a large, calm lake stills the swirls and eddies, Eli embodies the qualities that he teaches.  Being in his presence wakes in me the man that I want to be."   - Colin Fan, Finance, Banking, and Technology Investing, CA


My areas of expertise are depth, openness, presence, and awareness. With a focus on how these qualities can be cultivated and brought into any arena of life from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Each session will source you in true depth, teaching you how to forge a bridge back to your deeper self, the one upstream from the chronic stress, worries, fears, and patterns born from a surface-oriented world where MORE is the mantra and outward success is the only metric.

Whether you are in a new chapter of your life journey and looking to clarify your next steps or a life where you have accumulated sufficient wealth, security, and status, and yet still have a sense of incompleteness, anxiety or depression, I offer you a spark to ignite the transformation and a container to practice it.  Breath by breath you breathe into being the man you are most dedicated to be.  Its the journey of a lifetime, in real-time.  I also teach you practices to continue cultivating your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in between sessions and once our work has completed.

The natural process of growth is to develop the outward-facing skills of life first.  Most men miss the next step of evolution, which is to turn attention inwards and skillfully refine the quality of mind and overall attitude towards life.  In the process of training inner and outer skills, most men come face to face with some form of limiting beliefs, emotional loops, or past experiences that block their vitality.  Together we will meet those places with care and skill.

I bring 23 years of practice and experience in this field.  I have spent a great amount of time in deep spiritual practice, solitary retreats, wild landscapes, dynamic relationships, qigong and martial art dojo's, somatic trainings, have led men's work and couples work since 2005, facilitated corporate leadership, psychedelic work, and immersed myself in psychotherapy with an emphasis on parts work and attachment.

I work primarily with men, and with select women and couples.

"Subtle yet extremely profound. The words that I would describe my experience working with Eli. Helping me to discover and achieve balance and what is truly important to me in regards to my relationships, career and life as oppose to all the noise and stories I had been telling myself. I was seeking a mentor to teach me more, as in new knowledge and skills when what I really needed was to learn to strip away layers and become more grounded in the moment, which is exactly what I achieved working with Eli. I now have a greater sense of inner peace and appreciation of the here and now, to which I am truly grateful for you and your presence in my life. You brought sincerity, compassion, heart and dedication to the work we did together. Thank you brother.
- Omar Raafat, Surgeon, UK

"Eli provides a grounded witnessing in his coaching.  An experience of empowerment in which, by sharing you feel the ability to go further, deeper and feel into your core.  Eli has a wide range of tools and modalities that simplify experience and get you out of your head into the moment.  For anyone with a busy mind his container can be a blessing." 

- James Dougherty, CA

"Eli, you’re the real deal. At a point in my life where I needed a model and teacher, you’ve been all that and more. The practices (tools) I’ve learned from you will be with me for the rest of my life. The resulting personal growth is overflowing to my relationships, work and overall well-being. I am forever grateful for your willingness to share and hold space for others. You are truly a gift."

- Jacob Long, IT, AZ

"I have benefited deeply from Eli's presence, space-holding and wisdom. His knowing of the polarities feels rooted in experience, and his grounded connection to nature comes through in the way that he speaks and holds himself. There are few men that I trust and look up to as a leader, brother and friend in equal measure, and Eli is most certainly one of them. I have learned so much about how to hold and lead myself as a man, thanks to his personal coaching and group immersive experiences"

- Richard Ayling, Coach & Men's Work Facilitator, Portugal

"The one-to-one work with Eli became a deep and constructive workshop for developing personal tools to stay present and acting with focus. First to learn to listen and then to form what was perceived into defined physical expressions that held and cultivated personal meaning. As I work and further refine this way of physically express an inner awareness, I have experienced a distinct heightening of my capacity in many different areas of life. And look forward to see where it leads with deep gratitude and respect." 

- Thomas Winther, Psychotherapist, Denmark



In this dedicated 3 or 6-month container, you become very clear about your life: first in feeling your habitual patterns of resistance, and then in engaging with practices that bring you back into contact with the pulse of your intimate partner, your purpose, and LIFE itself.

The in-depth container is for those who are ready to make powerful transformations to their inner and outer lives!

Coaching container include:

  • Three 90-minute virtual sessions each month and one daylong virtual or in-person immersion during the container.
  • In between sessions, you are given individually tailored practices to engage.
  • Access to any of my online programs.

Note: I only work with a handful of clients at a time in this dedicated and direct way. During your container, you will be in my awareness and I will be available for voice memo check-ins, offering reflection and refinements on practices and themes you are working with in an intimate hands-on way.

Entering a coaching container together is a real commitment that can bring profound gifts and big transformation. I honor that commitment and meet you with my fullest presence.

Coaching containers require a significant mental, emotional, and financial commitment. Only serious inquiries, please.


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This is ideal if you are already working with me in one of my online programs or have completed a workshop or immersion and would like to explore a theme that came up for you in a private and individually focused setting.

This is also the space for you if have been referred to me and are looking for:

  • Immediate support, reflection, or space to consider something that you are facing.
  • A potent practice session that enlivens and brings clarity.
  • A space to unpack and receive feedback on relational dynamics with your intimate partner, family, or self.
  • Or are simply interested to get a taste of my work.

Book a one-off session with me. We will dive as deep as we can in 60 minutes and you will leave with practices you can continue on your own.