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May 13-20th, 2025









When a man is unwilling to move out of his comfort zone, breathe, and step into life:

He becomes but a husk of the fine-tuned & powerful embodiment that he was born to be.

His capacity to face the real-time risks of a courageously lived life weakens and wildness wanes.

His ability to stand strong and hold a note of consciousness and love through the challenges of intimate relationships is diminished.

Are you ready to explore this beautiful rouged landscape while forging an unforgettable path to your inherent source, power, and wisdom?

Join renowned men's leader and spiritual teacher Eli Buren on your journey into greater meaning, depth, and freedom!

In This Immersion, You Will:

  • Understand and embody your life purpose in greater detail and grounded being.

  • Create a stronger relationship with that which challenges you, choosing to face the fire and be sharpened in the process.
  • Learn to circulate your breath and sexual energy, renewing your essence and amplifying your life force toward work and love.

  • Unpack habits of life that tend to go unchecked and learn how to bring clarity and consciousness to them.

  • Bring deeper awareness and passion to all aspects of life; your partnership, your work, your health, your spirituality.

  • Bask in the beauty and intensity of a very wild place while simultaneously noticing and exploring the frontiers of your own internal landscapes.

  • Challenge, celebrate and wrestle with brothers in strength and humor, forging bonds that last a lifetime.

  • Explore the distinctions between structures that bring clarity and those which inhibit the natural and free spontaneity of your masculine genius.

  • Train deeply in the principles of a dedicated morning routine. Learning specific practices to take home, offering you a trustable structure to sharpen, awaken, and strengthen yourself for years to come.

  • Enjoy daily meditation, qigong and martial arts, group check-ins and reflection, epic adventures into the surrounding valleys, partner accountability and presence practices, solo depth contemplation’s, encounters with wild animals, delicious food, and celebratory evenings around the fire.

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Men's Immersions with Eli are offered in a strong spirit of honor, humor, and heart, bringing newly developed practices, as well as tried and tested methods to cultivate and embody depth, openness, and awareness.

One of the ancient means of sharpening your masculine clarity, is in the company of other dedicated men. Together with deep regard and strong practice, we will hold one another accountable to our own unique expressions of integrity, purpose, and love

Note: All photos are from landscapes surrounding base camp where we will hike and be fully immersed all week in these valleys away from cars and roads.


May 13-20th 2025
In celebration of the 10th anniversary we are adding a full day and a new adventure to the immersion.


Kolob Terrace region of Zion National Park, Utah.  Held in a wild, remote, and privately owned valley, far from tourist activities.


$3,000 program tuition + $500 fully catered organic meals and camping in pristine private valley.

By application only. To process your application, we require an initial application deposit of $250.00. If your application is successful, this deposit will be put towards and deducted from the total amount of your tuition. If your application is not successful, we will process a full refund of your deposit. If you have application or payment questions, email [email protected]

We strive to keep this work accessible to men of all ages, backgrounds, and means. Two sliding scale work study options are reserved for each Immersion. To inquire about work study or if you are interested in sponsoring a man's tuition. Contact [email protected]



What are the start/end times?

  • Immersion begins on May 13th at 3:30pm MDT and ends on May 20th at 11:30am MDT

How do I get there?

  • Fly into Las Vegas International Airport.
  • Shuttle or carpool options depart for Zion on May 13th at 11:00am PDT and return to Las Vegas on the 20th at 2:30pm PDT.
  • Or drive from near by states as men often do / Valley is 45 minute drive from St George, Utah.

What gear do I need?

  • Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad. Does not need to be lightweight high tech equipment. Camping gear will stay at base camp all week.
  • Used camping gear available to borrow, just ask.
  • Full packing list supplied once accepted.

If you need more details about the Immersion prior to applying, schedule a 15 min call with one of Eli’s assistants here. *Only serious inquiries.


"The men’s immersion in Zion was one of the most important and powerful things I’ve ever done for myself. And it was returning home where I was met by the most sincere feedback of how powerful it actually was. 

First from my wife, who was amazed of the stark difference between the man that left, and the solid and still presence of the man that had returned. 

And second, from a friend I play in a band with. I had a show scheduled for the day after my return. As a professional musician I was concerned that being away from my instrument for over a week would be noticeable, especially to my bandmates. But as I began to take my first solo I quickly noticed a level of inner freedom and spaciousness I hadn’t ever had access to prior to Zion. When I finished with this improvised solo this friend looked at me with raised eyebrows, and simply said “shit, every man should go to Zion.” It was then that I really knew something profound and deep had shifted within me."

- James Yaman

"I experienced a type of leadership in this immersion that I was beginning to think didn’t exist: Eli showed up as a centered, humble, and wise leader willing to hear and integrate feedback in real time. He owned his space and role with grace and clarity. His consistent focus on the experience of the group kept us present with one another, even through conflict. I resonated with the importance he placed on ritual and ceremony, and the applied wisdom of how these cultivate and contain an experience. What touched me most about the immersion was the container: the natural surroundings, both vast enough and clearly defined as to provide a visceral sense of freedom and safety in which to do, and celebrate, the deep, essential work of the masculine."

- Sean Talbot

"Eli embodies rarely found qualities that spoke to my soul. A combination of honor, depth, strength, love, and a sense of sacredness to everything he brings. He is as authentic as it gets for true spiritual seekers looking for a combination of challenging outdoor adventure, silence, brotherly love, and healing. Thank you Eli! "

- Jandro

"If your searching for an absolute game changer, internal and external life riveting experience, do the Men's Retreat with Eli Buren! The sense of reverence I feel today for the life I live is beyond what I imagined. The revelations I experienced have me living from a deeply heart centered space that I had long forgotten. I am eternally grateful."
- Richard Parkes

"Eli has an uncanny ability to provide sharp accountability while holding space in a gracious manner that demands personal growth and introspection."

- John Mooney

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If you have any questions about the upcoming Zion immersion, reach out to [email protected]. Registration is by application only.

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