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Meets Weekly February 6th thru April 23rd


The Dojo engages Eli's 20+ years of experience working with men and will cover a wide spectrum of presentation, training, and practices. From weekly teaching sessions and assignments to learning potent martial forms, depth meditations, and other embodied presence practices that develop a man's capacity to meet the world and his own life with cultivated strength, sensitivity, openess and depth.

The Dojo is not an outward fix or yet another to-do task along the elusive path to “ultimate success”. The Dojo is an inside orientation towards dynamic engagement and fine-tuned presence with each moment.

The Dojo is a place to cultivate a clear, grounded, and open attitude with which we meet the ever-changing, challenging, and beautiful circumstances of life.

We will train in martial and medical styles of practice while considering the spiritual, relational, elemental, and philosophical meanings alive in the forms. You will build a clear bridge between the root of these practices and how on a daily basis they serve your health, life purpose, awareness, sexual potency, well-being, and overall cultivation of Qi.

The Dojo holds space for questions on personal practice and purpose while prioritizing the bridge into real-time embodied movement, awareness, and meaning.

In addition to the forms you will be learning, each week Eli lead's a partnered break out room practice to deepen trust, connection, reflection, and accountability within the group.

The Dojo is a practice community to support you wherever you are—out in the countryside or in the middle of a bustling city—men often continue practicing and deepening friendships for months and years after the group has ended.

In The Dojo:

  • Develop the force of your presence and the natural confidence of your embodiment.
  • Learn potent martial and medical forms that anchor your wisdom and dedication to the NOW of your body.
    Practice with other men in dynamic exercises of honoring, edge work, and feedback.
  • Receive structure and training to begin or deepen your daily practice.
    Gain clarity about polarity and sexual dynamics, while cultivating your own most essential essence first, as a core practice, whether in a relationship or single.
  • Enter a practice tradition that will be a benchmark and resource for the rest of your life.
  • Explore the distinctions between Yang-style power, precision, and discipline practices vs Yin-style rejuvenation, devotion, and surrender practices.
  • Be served by the consistency of weekly practices and accountability of a core partner.
  • Have space to ask questions about challenges you're facing, then bring the answers into embodied practices that hold trustable structure in your life.
  • Focus on the superpower of your breath. Learning specific methods to increase vitality, reduce anxiety, and most importantly, how conscious participation with your breath is a lifelong spiritual practice.
  • The Dojo offers tried and tested practices of strengthening, deepening, sensitizing, and opening, but more importantly, we keep a pulse to the attitude with which you train.

Dojo is a private group. In a marketplace of “on-demand” videos, Eli holds a rare gauntlet of real-time practice. Participation in each session is strongly recommended but in order to welcome brothers in distant time zones. For the first time, recordings (minus break-out room practices and select forms) will be provided to all participants.

I look forward to meeting you in practice, in the Dojo.
With a deep bow of respect,
Eli Buren

The Online Dojo


Dojo meets Tuesday's

10:30-12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time
19:30-21:00 Central European Time

February 6th until April 23rd

The Dojo will follow the European change of time on March 31st.


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